the most important answer to the most important question

Last Wednesday, my sister and I flew to Las Vegas to meet my family for a mini reunion / birthday celebration.  My cousin turned 21 on Thursday so we wanted him to celebrate in style.  Plus my birthday was on Sunday so it worked out well that my grandma, aunts, uncle and cousins were in town from the east coast so we could all celebrate together.  D. didn’t come with since he had to work and also stayed home to watch the pups.

After three fun-filled days of gambling, trying to stay cool in the 100 degree heat and eating way too much food, we drove back to my parents’ house outside of LA on Friday.  My mom and stepdad seemed to be in a rush to get back to town saying that my stepdad needed to run to the office for a meeting.

When we got back though, my stepdad ended up sticking around for awhile and my mom mentioned that her friend would be coming over with food that she ordered so we could have an early birthday dinner for me that night.  Eventually, around 9pm, my stepdad finally left to go “to the office.”  When he got back a little while later, my mom called everyone down to the living room to start eating.  I got up to go to the bathroom and my mom was all “WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”  To which I answered “uhhhh…I need to pee.  Is that ok?”  She was all “Oh. Okay go ahead.”

When I got out of the bathroom, the doorbell rang.  When I opened the front door, D. was standing there with a huge bouquet of flowers and a big smile on his face.  I was in complete and utter shock as I wasn’t expecting to see him until I got home on sunday.  “Surprise! Happy birthday baby!” to which I shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!”

I was so touched that he came to surprise me for my birthday that I started crying.  Then I started crying even more when he took my hand and started saying the sweetest, most wonderful things to me about how much he loves me and how happy I make him and how lucky he is…and THEN…he pulled a ring box from his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  To which I shouted “OHMYGOSH YES!!” through my tears.  Then I heard cheers and applause and looked around to see that my entire family had gathered in the foyer and on the stairs and had been watching the entire time.

It means so much to me that he proposed to me in front of my family…especially my Lola (grandmother) who I only get to see once a year at most.  She cried, my mom cried, we all cried.  We spent the rest of the weekend with my family and flew home on Sunday afternoon.

The back story to all this is that my mom, stepdad and sister were all in on it. In fact, when my mom and stepdad AND dad and stepmom all came to visit us at separate times back in July, D. had asked both sets of my parents for their blessing to propose to me.

Originally his flight was supposed to land at 6:45 (the “office meeting” my stepdad had to go to was to pick him up from the airport), but he MISSED HIS FLIGHT.  Then when he caught the next one, he was stuck on the plane after they landed due to a security alert at the Orange County Airport.  The things my poor boyfriend fiance (!!!) had to do just to even get to me.

And the ring.  Holy cow I am SO in love with the ring.  Almost as in love as I am with D.  It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect in every single way.

I am so unbelievably happy.  And I’M GETTING MARRIED.  Holy heck.