wedding planning: the first two months

When I’ve made a decision or a plan to do something, no matter how far in the future it may be, I put the wheels in motion to get ‘er done. Especially if that something is an event that I’m really excited about.  Something like say, my wedding.

The last couple of months since our engagement have been a whirlwind with regards to wedding planning.  Most of the big decisions have been made.

When I started looking at venues literally the first week that we got engaged, D. thought I was off my rocker.  I had to convince him that if we were going to get married next September like we were planning, then we were in fact already BEHIND the game since August/September is a highly desirable time of year to get married in the bay area due to the reliability of the weather.  He finally got the clue when I narrowed down a couple of places that had the rustic, intimate feel we wanted and we found out that lo and behold, ALL of their Saturdays from next May thru October were already booked out.

Thus, we are going to have our wedding on a Sunday.  And that’s fine with me.  All of the out of town guests will be staying beyond the weekend anyway, and those that are local will have plenty of notice to take the following Monday off if they plan on partying hard at our wedding (which D. and I will make sure that they do!)

So, the deets.

Wedding date:  September 9, 2012 (I did D. a favor with this one.  It can’t get ANY easier to remember a wedding anniversary than 9/9 right?)

Ceremony/reception venue:  SO in love with the intimate and rustic feel of Murrieta’s Well.

Wedding dress:

JUST KIDDING.  You didn’t really think I’d post a photo of my wedding dress did you?  The above dress however was my second choice.  While I did love it, it didn’t give me the same tear-inducing “wow” factor that my actual dress does.  And the crazy thing is that my dress is the VERY FIRST wedding gown that I ever tried on.  I couldn’t believe that I’d found it so fast, so I tried on many, many gowns after, but nothing else gave me the same feeling.  Until I went with my mom and sister and tried THE dress on again, and I just KNEW.  I NEVER thought I would be one of those women (a la “Say Yes to the Dress”) who would get emotional and tear up when trying on a wedding dress…turns out, I was wrong.

Wedding colors: gray and yellow

When I first tell people that my wedding colors are gray and yellow, some of them respond with “hmm..that sounds…interesting.”  Until they see the above inspiration board that I put together and they realize how utterly AWESOME of a color combination it is.  I can’t wait to see it all brought to life!

Photographer:  My oldest, dearest and uber-talented friend Michelle has agreed to photograph our engagement and wedding photos as her gift to us.  I can’t even begin to thank her enough and I am so excited that she’ll be such an integral part of our day!

Flowers: my dream bouquet

 (Credit: Gladys Jem)

I’ve decided, with the help of family and friends, that we’ll be doing the flowers ourselves *gasp*.  We’ll be using a lot of succulents (w/ some floral accents) because of their natural blue/gray tones and because we just generally love them.  The beauty of using succulents in the centerpieces is that they can be done a couple weeks ahead of time.  The bouquets and boutonnieres will be put together by my bridal party and I the day before the wedding.  I’ve scouted the SF Flower Mart and have found a couple vendors who can special order my favorite flower, ranunculus, for me to incorporate into the bouquets since they’ll be out of season that time of year.  As for the succulents, they grow fairly fast around here so in a couple months we’ll be picking out our favorites and planting them in our backyard to let them multiply…by the time September rolls around we’ll have plenty on hand to use in the centerpieces and bouquets 🙂

So, as you’ll see from the above, I’m not messin’ around haha.  The two big outstanding items are:

1. Find a wedding officiant
2. Find a videographer

D. and I have debated about my desire to have a videographer document the day.  He thinks it’s unnecessary and that we’ll never even watch the wedding video.  I think the complete opposite.  Not only will it be a great opportunity for us to relive the day and see all of the little things that we’ll miss, but it’ll also be a chance for friends and family who won’t be at the wedding to witness it as well.  And maybe he won’t watch it, but I foresee that I’ll probably watch it over and over and over again..haha.

For those of you that are married or getting married, did you have a videographer?  If you did, are you happy with your decision and do you watch your wedding video? If you didn’t, do you regret not having one?

That’s about it on the wedding front for now…hope everyone has a great Halloween 🙂