succulent and ranunculus bouquet

My absolute favorite flower in the world is the ranunculus.  If you’ve never seen or heard of them, you’re missing out.  We’re nearing the end of ranunculus season here in Northern California, but thankfully I’ve managed to snag some really beautiful ones in the last few weeks to enjoy in our home.

I mean, really…

I could stare at these flowers all day long.

Since I plan on incorporating ranunculus in my bridal bouquet, I wanted to do a practice run now while they’re still easy to find.  I’ll have to special order them come September for the wedding.  We’ll be using a lot of succulents in our gray and yellow wedding palette so to compliment that, I decided that my bouquet would include yellow and white ranunculus, succulents, yellow craspedia (aka “billy balls”) and seeded eucalyptus.  For my actual bouquet, I’ll use succulents that have more of a blue/gray color, but for the practice one I just used green hens and chicks that I had on hand.

There are tons of video tutorials online of how to make a bouquet so armed with that knowledge and my supplies, I was able to put together a pretty little bouquet in about half an hour.


  • flowers of your choice (# of stems depends on desired bouquet size)
  • succulents of your choice (# of plants depends on desired bouquet size)
  • floral tape
  • floral wire (I used 20 gauge and 24 gauge)
  • wire cutters
  • fabric/twine/ribbon for wrapping handle
  • floral pins

In order to include succulents in my bouquet, I needed to give them a long “stem.”  First I pulled off all of the roots and dead leaves from my succulents, trimmed the stump, rinsed them in water to clean off any excess dirt and then dried them thoroughly.

Then I inserted some 20 gauge floral wire, cut to around 10″ long, into the base of the succulent. (Note: the succulents I used had an unusually thick stump…stumps on most smaller succulents around this size are usually narrower and easier to work with.)

Next, to reinforce the new stem, I cut a 10″ piece of 24 gauge floral wire (thinner and more flexible), folded down the top third, then lay that next to the base of the succulent and along the wire stem.

Then I took the other part of the wire and wrapped it around the base of the succulent, making my way down the wire stem.

Finally, starting at the base of the succulent, I wrapped floral tape all the way around, making my way to the bottom of the stem. (Tip:  When you cut your length of floral tape, stretch it out a little with both hands.  This helps make it extra sticky so it’ll hold well when you wrap it.)

I repeated this with the other succulents.

Once I had my succulents ready, I started assembling my bouquet.

The key to a bouquet is to start with three blooms.

Then from this point on, I added three more blooms around the first three, and so on and so on.  Since I was mixing my flowers, it was a matter of eyeballing it as I went to decide which type of floral I wanted to add where.

If you’re making a bouquet using all of the same type of flower, it’s much easier since you just need to add flowers all the way around until it’s the size that you want.

Lastly, I added a few sprigs of the seeded eucalyptus around the outer edges of the bouquet.

Once I was satisfied (and out of flowers!) with my bouquet, I then wrapped the entire bunch together tightly with floral tape, starting at the top and working my way down the stems then cut the excess stem tips off the bottom.

Then I wrapped the handle with some scrap fabric I had laying around.  For my actual bouquet, I’ll be using burlap.

Finally I pinned the fabric in place with floral pins, inserting them pointing up towards the top of the bouquet.

I was pretty happy with the composition.

Though for my actual bouquet, I think I’ll use less yellow ranunculus and more white, since the craspedia already add a nice touch of yellow.

Also, I’ll make the bouquet a little bigger and incorporate a few more succulents.

This one would be a perfect size for my bridesmaids though :).

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15 thoughts on “succulent and ranunculus bouquet

    • Haha I know sorry for the delayed timing. Thanks though! I’m happy with how it turned out…looking forward to making the actual bouquet even spiffier 🙂

    • Thanks so much Mandy! I love how different succulents are…and it also helps that they’re so easy to take care of and pretty hard to kill haha.

    • Thank you lady! I’m looking forward to seeing how the final products turn out…though the thought of putting these together the day before and making sure they stay fresh and lovely sort of gives me heart palpitations haha.

  1. Okay…I was just searching for ranunculus photos to show someone my favorite flower. I chose your photo because I LOVE orange and yellow. THEN I saw the name of your page and just had to visit. I work in a house on a college campus (and have since 2003) called, “the Park House”! It houses our special events team, which I lead, and we are always willing to jump in when things need “a little Park House love”!
    Thank for all the pretties here to look at, all the lovely words to read and for the super fun tie!

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