DIY kindle touch slip case

About a month ago, I came across this tutorial for a Kindle Fire slip case on Pinterest.  I pinned it, even though I don’t own a Kindle, because I thought it was just so darn cute.  So a couple weeks ago, when Devin’s mom mentioned that she bought a Kindle Touch, I immediately decided to make her that case.

This was by far the most complex (even though it’s really not, but seemed so to my novice self) sewing project that I’ve attempted to date, so I was a little apprehensive, but all things considered it turned out pretty good if I say so myself :).

The original tutorial I linked to has the measurements for a Kindle Fire, but I amended mine to fit a Kindle Touch.  The Kindle Touch measures 6.8″ x 4.7″ x .4″.  My measurements below resulted in a case that was approximately 7.25″ x 5.25″ and Devin’s mom said that her Kindle Touch fit in it perfectly.


  • Two pieces of 8″ x 6″ fabric for outer panels (green dots)
  • Two pieces of 5.25″ x 6″ fabric for outer pockets (floral print)
  • Two pieces of 8″ x 6″ soft, non-scratchy fabric like flannel for the inner lining (yellow flannel)
  • One 4″ length of 1/8″ wide elastic for button loop
  • One button
  • Coordinating thread

(Note: All of my supplies were purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric.)

The first thing I did was fold the top edge of the pocket panel over 1/8″ to the wrong side, pressed, folded over once more, then pressed again.  Then I stitched the edge in place, and repeated this with the second pocket panel.  (Sorry, no photos of this step.)

Then I lined the pocket panel up on top of the outer panel right sides up, and sewed along the two sides of the pocket.

I decided to backstitch at the top of the pocket on each side to make sure it was secure.

Next, I decided which panel would be the back panel, then I folded the elastic into a loop and stitched the bottom edges to the top center of the back panel (since the loop will come over the top of the case to hook to the button on the front panel).  I backstitched a couple times over it to make sure it was secure.  Don’t worry if it’s not pretty, this part will not be visible in the finished product.

Once I was done with my loop, I placed my inner lining material on top of the outer panel, right sides facing in, making sure that the loop stayed tucked in.

I sewed just the top sides together, pulled the two sides apart flat, then I ironed the seam allowance over towards the lining side.

When I turned the panel over, it looked like this.

Then I did the same with the front panel (except for the loop part of course).

Next, I lined up the two long sides together, right sides in, pocket to pocket and lining to lining and pinned everything together.

Then I sewed around the outer edge, pulling out the pins as I went, starting about a third of the way out on the bottom edge of the lining, making my way around, and stopping about 3″ short of closing the seam.  You need to make sure you keep a big enough opening to be able to turn the whole thing inside out.

I then clipped the corners and carefully turned everything inside out, using a chopstick to poke out the corners all the way.

Then I folded the edges in of the remaining opening at the bottom of the lining and sewed it shut with my machine, but you can hand stitch this if you prefer.

Next I tucked the lining into the outer fabric, and pressed along the top edge to make everything nice and flat.

I opted to not stitch around the top of the slip case, since I liked how it looked without a top stitch and the lining seemed to stay in place pretty well.

Lastly, I sewed the button in place on the front panel, making sure it was in a spot where the elastic could slip over it. (Confession:  Up until this point, I had never sewn a button on.  I KNOW.  Thank goodness for YouTube video tutorials haha.)

I love the fun flannel that I picked for the lining.

Isn’t it so cute?

Here’s the back…

…and the front finished product!



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22 thoughts on “DIY kindle touch slip case

  1. No one loves it more than I do! The USB cable slips right into the pocket for travel, too. I learned to sew in high school and have done countless projects over the years, but never have I achieved the professional results that Christine has, with her first try! Amazing Girl!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this! I’ve been needing a Kindle Fire case since Christmas but haven’t wanted to drop $30+ on one. This is perfect and I love your fabric choices =)

    Visiting from HoH

  3. I loved your tutorial! I made the case for my iPad and added batting, but I followed your general guidelines and it turned out great! Thanks so much.

reading all of your comments makes me happy. thanks so much for taking the time to post your feedback!

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