fabric covered lamp shade and my new orleans bachelorette

What do you think of this spray painted thrift store lamp base and Bettina fabric covered shade that I did for my office?

Do you love it as much as I do?  To read about how I did it, please hop on over to Tiffany’s awesomely creative blog Living Savvy where I am guest posting today as part of her Spray Painter’s Anonymous series.

In other news, I’ve spent this week nursing a cold that I caught at the tale end of my bachelorette party in New Orleans last weekend.  It was well worth it, and I had an amazing time with my bridesmaids…but let me tell you…as I near my 30th birthday it’s painfully apparent that I’m getting too old for three day benders!  I’d love to hit up New Orleans again, but maybe with less drinking next time :).

We rented a condo in the French Quarter right off of Bourbon street, and I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was much cheaper for our group of 6 than staying in a hotel plus we had an awesome balcony, beautiful digs and all of the amenities that come with a hotel combined with the comforts of home.  It was perfect!

My bridesmaids came up with a couple of games to keep me on my toes.  They had Devin answer a bunch of questions about me prior to the trip (sneaky!) and I had to guess how he answered them.  If I got it right, they all took a shot…if I got it wrong, I took a shot.  I still came out winning in the end, but let’s just say I drank more than I expected to :).  The second game was to find other people named Devin in New Orleans.  1 point if it was a girl, 2 points if it was a guy, 3 points if it was spelled the same way with an “i” and 4 points if it was a “hot” Devin.  Wouldn’t you know, the doorman at Pat O’Briens our first night out was named Devin…AND he even let me keep his name tag!  Best souvenir ever…and I won that game 🙂

Add to that a great jazz show at Preservation Hall, private walking tour of the quarter, a rum distillery tour, shopping in the French Market, taking the streetcar to the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery….

…mix in some adult beverages at Pat O’Brien’s, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, French 75 and Coquette

…plus dancing and all around revelry on Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street

…and THEN top it off with all of the delicious food we ate at Cafe Du Monde, NOLA, Johnny’s Po-Boys and Cochon among others…

…and you get a pretty amazing weekend with the best Maid of Honor (my sister) and bridesmaids a bride could ever ask for.

I’ll leave it to Instagram to sum it up in photos for y’all :).


11 thoughts on “fabric covered lamp shade and my new orleans bachelorette

    • Yes, it’s all kicking off from here! Cake and wine tasting was yesterday as well as final wedding planning with the coordinator…everything’s falling into place!

  1. I love the lamp, in fact when I come over (which let’s hope is soon) I just might try and take it home with me!

    P.S. I think I’m have issues with my Lollygaggles email. I got yours (about visiting a few weeks ago) and responded, but never got a reply from you? Did you get it? I don’t want you to think I was ignoring you.

    • I’ll have to be on watch when you come over here haha. I don’t think I got a response…maybe it went to my spam? I’ll check again…no worries at all!

  2. Love that lamp…and your blog! Visiting from Living Savvy…where I am also a member of the Spray Painters Anonymous club! We have been to New Orleans several times…and I always swear to stay away from Bourbon Street for a day…but it just draws you back in! So much fun…but it takes about a week to recover from a few days in this incredible city!

    • Thank you! I’m happy with how it turned out and looking forward to seeing it in the finished office…the shade will definitely be one of the more standout pieces in the room.

    • New Orleans was definitely a blast, but I am STILL recovering from it! Thanks for the compliments on the lamp…I can’t wait to see it in its final resting place 🙂

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