spray painted doormat


The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, and I took advantage of it by spending some time outside spray painting a new doormat for our front door.  Our old one was falling apart, and I haven’t been able to find any doormats in stores that I like so I figured I’d just make one myself.

This project was quick and easy, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I’ll never buy a ready made doormat again!


  • Plain doormat (I got mine from Ikea for $10.  Can’t beat that!)
  • One can of spray paint
  • Painter’s/masking tape (I recommend using the light green Scotch masking tape for hard to stick surfaces)
  • Pencil and ruler (depending on your desired design)

I was inspired by this rug that I saw from Serena & Lily.  The pattern is a combination of herringbone and chevron.  The best of both worlds…how can you go wrong with that?

I started by taping the horizontal lines across the rug, making sure to press the tape in firmly.


The rug was 35″ across so using a measuring tape, I penciled a mark every 5″ on all three pieces of tape.  Using the pencil marks as a guide to make sure everything was evenly spaced, I taped the diagonal sections off.


Again I made sure to press firmly on the tape to minimize the chances of any spray paint bleeding under.  Crisp lines are key!


For the spray paint, I decided to go with Rustoleum’s Night Tide.  This is the same color I used for the base of my fabric covered lampshade.  It’s a perfect peacock blue.

After shaking the can well, I stood over the doormat and sprayed down straight onto it (to minimize bleeding under the tape) in long even strokes.


About halfway through, I realized I’d need to do a second coat since the fibers were absorbing the paint pretty well.  I didn’t think it was necessary to let it dry between coats so I went ahead and finished the entire doormat.


After letting it sit for a few hours in the sun to dry thoroughly, I peeled back the tape and was happy to see that the lines were nice and crisp.


The pattern turned out just as I hoped it would.


It adds such a nice pop of color to the front porch, and it makes me just as happy to see it on my way out the door…


…as it does coming in.


Strider agrees.


By the way, for anyone wondering I’ve walked on it and wiped my shoes on it several times already and there hasn’t been any paint coming off onto the soles of my shoes at all.

I’ll definitely be spray painting another rug for the back patio door at some point in the future.  At less than $15 for a custom doormat, how could I not?




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22 thoughts on “spray painted doormat

  1. Hi sweetie, it’s me Laura M I can’t belive I found you on this web suite I love it and I love seeing your beautiful pictures of your wedding you made a beautiful bride and Davine (spelling) looks so handsome. Keep the great ideals coming there are so amazing!

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  3. I just found this post and have everything to make this cute rug but I can’t find the Scotch tape anywhere! Can you tell me where to find it?

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  5. Hi Christine!

    Question: 1. What kind of paint did you use, and 2. Does the paint run at all when the mat gets wet in the rain? Or is your porch covered? I want to try this but I have an exposed patio where it would and I’m worried that if I were to try it, the paint might run if it gets wet?? Not sure.

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