Devin Christine Disneyland 11.2012


I’m Christine.  I live in Northern California with my fiance husband Devin and our two labrador retrievers Strider (the “good” one) and Echo (the “crazy” one). We are slowly yet surely making changes to every inch of our house to turn it into a homey and welcoming reflection of our personal style.

I’ve recently become acquainted with my sewing machine and am really excited to see what will come of it.  On any given weekend you can find me looking for hidden treasures at flea markets, garage & estate sales, thrift shops and antique stores.  Much to my long-suffering husband’s dismay, I can see potential in every bedraggled piece of furniture, worn chair, chipped frame, and vintage knick knack that I come across.

I have a devout love for pretty fabrics, freshly washed sheets, shoes and being outdoors.  I collect vintage pyrex, love to bake and think greige is the bee’s knees.  I’m not so fond of olives, spiders, clowns and bad drivers.  If I still sound interesting to you (and you are not an olive, a spider, a clown or a bad driver), then you get a gold star.

Chocolate and Black Labs

If you’d like to find out 50 random things about me, you can do so here.

If you’re curious about my idiosyncrasies, you can find them here.

reading all of your comments makes me happy. thanks so much for taking the time to post your feedback!

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